Wednesday, March 3, 2010

3 Legged Flurry

My poor, poor little Flurry. She dislocated her leg from her hip joint Monday afternoon. I was outside in the play yard, and we were having a jumping good time. Flurry, as well as some of the other Sibes, love jumping like pogo sticks, and she must have come down wrong on her left back leg. She started screaming, and yelping. She did not want me to come near her, she was biting out at me at first. She was scared and I was scared. It was terrible. She went and hid in her barrel to nurse her leg, so I had to have Russ come help me. We gently dumped her out and brought her right into the vet. They are very close by- thank goodness! After some sedation and a few xrays, they were able to pop her leg back into the socket. Now her leg is all wrapped up in a sling until Friday. She is getting around amazingly. Even that night. She doesn't even let on that it might be sore! So don't let the pictures scare you. It looks like she lost a leg, but it will be back!

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  1. Oh my! I am so sorry for all of you! She must of been so scared! I hope she will heal very quickly!