Thursday, April 15, 2010

Return of the Chicks

We decided we missed having our own eggs, so we got some adorable chicks. This means we have some confused Huskies wondering why they haven't been in the house for a few days!! We are going to have to move the chicks upstairs until they are feathered enough to go out to the coop so the Sibes can have their visits. Then the real challenge begins- keeping them from driving our lovable predators crazy!! The neighbors cats do enough of that... We have a couple of plans though. We may put up some fencing to encourage them to forage to the side and behind the coop where they won't be seen as much. But there is something in it for the Huskies they don't remember yet- fresh surplus eggs. Yumm!


  1. Oh the joy of keeping everything safe....tough job somedays....

  2. If my wife saw this I would be in trouble - she desperately want to raise chicks, and I'm hoping she'll give me one more year to prepare. :)