Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cemetery Adventures

What a beautiful grey day to spend at the cemetery. Grey sky, grey grave stones, slate grey duck pond. But the trees were full of Autumn color- it was so pretty. And very inspirational for lots of activities! We joined some friends to try out grave rubbing. It was a lot of fun. We all brought different materials to work with and some worked better than others. Our sketch paper and oil pastels weren't the best, but we had a nice time looking for stones to try it on. This is a cemetery I have spent a lot of time in and I never get used to how lovely the landscape and stones are, and the boys appreciate it too. We also talked to the resident ducks, rolled down the sugar bowl hill, and the kids did some exploring on their own. They even had a movie in the works! I wonder if it was a creepy flick? So much fun!!!


  1. yes it was a great day with new friends!

  2. I love seeing all the different captures of the day! Thanks for posting, J! It was great to see you and your boys again.