Thursday, December 31, 2009

100% Daredevils

Erik and 2 of his best friends went sledding this afternoon down the driveway. I wait way down at the bottom to make sure that no cars are coming. This is very convenient for them since they get to pretend they can't hear me yelling "hey- no- that's too dangerous!" Well nobody got hurt this time, and they had a ton of fun!

Silly Girls

Sadie got into soot from the pellet stove- I don't know how or where... and Flurry just observes the daily commotion from her crate in a funny position.

Play-Doh Village

Leif hadn't had play-doh in a long time, he got some for Christmas! We had some of that stinky sculpting sand for a couple of years, but play-doh is way better! Here he is mixing colors and creating a village.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Sherpa and Rev

I haven't blogged all the dogs birthdays, but today our littlest boys turn 1! So- Happy Birthday to our sweet sweet puppy bear boys! We love you so!

Friday, December 25, 2009

High Tech Christmas

Santa knows just what boys want under the tree- anything shiny, new, high tech, and electronic! Even the gifts that weren't electronic were video game themed!! It was a wonderful day, the boys said many times how they had gotten everything they wanted. It must have been those good old fashioned cookies and milk. Merry Christmas everyone!!

Big Gift for Boys

This was the big gift from Mom and Dad this Christmas. Russ had set it up more than a week before the big day- the boys had no idea. We let the boys know on Christmas Eve that there was something special in the rock room in the basement, and we all went down for a fantastic night of air hockey competition. They were nice and tired and went to bed easily so Santa could visit!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Snow Tuck By the Fire

Doesn't Moxie look cozy?

Lucky # Seven

Today is Leif's 7th birthday! Leif opened some lego presents when he got up this morning. While he was at school, I decorated his Sonic the Hedgehog cake. It came out real nice. When Russ got home, Leif opened up his Mario video game from Erik. He was so excited! Then his friends from next door came over and he got more cool gifts. We all enjoyed cake and ice cream, a round of video games, toys and running around! What a lucky boy! Now he just can't wait until next week! I'm tired just thinking about it...

A Picture Story- Clothes for Leif's Birthday

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Leif's Holiday Concert!

Leif you are the cutest and funniest! We love you!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Just Sherpa and Mom

Sherpa and I went for a beautiful, long sled ride/walk. I did walk behind the little sled quite a bit but it was awesome training for both of us. He does a perfect job staying on the trails that Russ made for us with the snowmobile, and just like his brother Mud Pie, he always wants to listen to me and do his best to understand! Then we both plopped down on the front lawn to catch our breath! This has been a wonderful day!

All Geared Up

We took out a 4 dog team this afternoon. Here they are in their harnesses. Dune and Flurry, Rev, and Shooter. They were very good. Russ took the kids around on a tube behind the snowmobile. Here is Leif in his snow gear! He looks so cool!