Thursday, April 15, 2010

Return of the Chicks

We decided we missed having our own eggs, so we got some adorable chicks. This means we have some confused Huskies wondering why they haven't been in the house for a few days!! We are going to have to move the chicks upstairs until they are feathered enough to go out to the coop so the Sibes can have their visits. Then the real challenge begins- keeping them from driving our lovable predators crazy!! The neighbors cats do enough of that... We have a couple of plans though. We may put up some fencing to encourage them to forage to the side and behind the coop where they won't be seen as much. But there is something in it for the Huskies they don't remember yet- fresh surplus eggs. Yumm!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Defeating the Purpose

Ashes and Mudpie- No digging!! You can leave it to the Huskies to make a mess of the nice clean play yard! But what a cute dirty nose on that tiny girl!

Two Sick Boys

We have a lot of blogs to post this weekend, but believe it or not the kids both have had fevers. We managed to get them out for some fresh air a couple of times, but mostly they stayed in on the couch. Here they are getting a sweet cuddle in the sun from their Dad.

Early Morning Egg Hunt

6 AM. Happy Easter!

Battling Bros

The Easter Bunny brought the boys these cool nerf weapons. Now they have a way to disguise the angry beatings that they give one another. "We're just playing Mom" -Yeah ok.

Another Visitor

We had another explorer to keep safe this weekend. Our neighbor caught him running in our area and knew he wasn't from too close by. Thankfully she remembered all I have told her about how Sibes just won't stick around if they get loose. So she got him on a leash and brought him to our kennel until the animal control found out where he belonged. His name is Nanook and he was a sweet, smart, very handsome boy and his family was happy to have him home safe and sound.

The Big Boy's Grill

Here is Russ perfecting his skill cooking over charcoal. He just got this super grill that cooks with gas on one side and the old fashioned tasty way on the other. There is a yummy summer coming!

Driving the Big Machine

Today Russ started teaching Erik how to shift and ride on the big 4-wheeler. He did a great job! We cannot believe how fast he's growing up!

Pool Party!

It was actually warm enough to get out the dog pools this weekend! No more muddy water with the new wood chips (the Huskies might have preferred the mud). It is so exciting to have such great weather so early on the season. Now we just hope it stays this way...

Spring Fix Up

It was time to take care of the muddy play yards. We decided nice soft wood chips would do the trick! The pups just loved it, and so do I. It was a lot of work, but it will be worth it now to wash the floors - no more mud tracked all through the house by all those husky paws!