Sunday, September 27, 2009

Top of New England Part 1

This 1st pic is Mt. Washington seen from our town. It shines white even when it is not covered with snow because of the quartz and mica. In old times explorers thought the mountain must made up of diamonds.

Top of New England Part 2

Here are some pics of the boys on the Majestic Mt. Washington. With clear blue bird skys we could see for 130 miles. It was an amazing view- as you can see.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

First Fall Run!!!

Although we've had some nice cool weather, we hadn't gotten the dogs hooked up until tonight. Awesome Fun Fun Fun!!! First we ran the Incredible Dune and our Lovely Leading Lady Moxie. And second we took out Super Shooter and Promising Pup Rev (if I do say so myself). Erik and Leif are very good dog drivers, I wish we got more pics but a lot had come out blurry. We ran them each twice around the big field while we listened to Mudpie's anxious scream. Tomorrow night Mudpie, I promise!!

Leif the Savage, Erik the Gentle

Dogs in the House -or- the Dog House

Here is our tiny girl Ashes in the crate with lovely red Sadie. This looks cute and cuddly, but it is really Ashes being a bully and invading Sadie's crate. Poor Sadie- she just turns the other furry cheek. And here is Moxie being a good helper! She loves to do the dishes, especially when Mom make baked mac-n-cheese.