Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summertime Visit to Barking Brook Sled Dog Adventure Kennel!

Barking Brook's human pup.  Emma already helps take care of the Huskies and kennel.  A future musher!

Sweet, funny, smart Emma.  I love her.

Emma makes my morning coffee!

Handsome Boomer and me.

A walk with Whatleigh, Emma, and  Angus around the Torsey/ Barking Brook Farm.  Emma pretends to be a dog, we see the cows and NH mountains, and Angus explores the woods and chases sticks.

The wonderful Barking Brook Sled Dog kennel.  Safe, secure, and loads of room for Barking Brook's amazing athlete's to howl and play, or just take it easy for the short NH summer.  I'll bet they can smell Autumn coming already!  I had such a great time visiting those furry sweeties.  Fill up on your Sibe fix and check out Barking Brook Sled Dog Adventures at and !!


  1. Emma is so sweet! A future musher, how great! Nice pics! Happy Wednesday!

  2. Beautiful pictures! Happy Wordless Wednesday!

    Amy, Swift, and Kool